Worst Feelings

by Worst Feelings

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cover photo (c) 2012 by Jaimie Stevenson.


released March 20, 2013

All songs written and performed by J. Hadden.



all rights reserved


Worst Feelings

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Track Name: Wash Me
I ain't exactly what you'd call a free spirit
but when I get something to say
I'm gonna make you hear it
hey, why don't you wash that fucking car?
cause you know I wanna look cool
when you gotta come get me from the bar

there's a moment in every day
when I know I'm killing it
like a ghost limb that you can't see
it don't help the feeling it
I promise you're in the will
but what you're getting's gonna get you dirty like an oil spill

sorry you turned out the way you did

your old woman
she ain't much like mine was:
a pharmacy you could find in the back of a school bus
A scener in cutoff jeans
in a stillwater shack
the kind of girl
you come to love
for how she holds you back

sorry you come out the way you did
Track Name: Notes on a Storm
trees are getting pushed around
and losing all their leaves
the inside of my body
is a sklyline of debris
I was looking for a friend
and what I got was you
so if you want to stick around
I'll tell you what to do

Put your hands in fire
and turn away your eyes
I can't stand to look at you
hanging out with other guys
forgetting words and rushin'
out from behind the bar
Has anyone ever said your body
is built like a getaway car?

Hurricanes never ask your name
they want it back the way it was before you came
and i gotta tell you that i feel the same

dead leaves are blowing up the stairs
and drifting in the hall
i can't keep a tally of promises
that i made in the fall
there's a reason halloween
only happens once a year
it's cause the mask i put on baby
only works when you come here

The city's gonna flood tonight
you can find me at the gym
i'm building up resistance
to the fact of you and him
we better find a rooftop
cause the water's gonna win
the boat we're in is sinking, baby
i shoulda told you i can't swim
Track Name: Work and Bottle
every word that we speak
is a nail in the coffin
of my being free
every look that we share
promises misery
in place of the happiness
that's already there

I have no doubt you belong
in the chorus of lovers
that i've thrown out
and I am afraid
of some drunken promise
that I could've made

Another kiss
another night with the fellas
that i'll have to miss
another one of my failings
to add to your list

you got it right
I'm as likely as anything
to stay here tonight
there's nothing in
a motel off the freeway
where you can't even swim

Lord, give me a sign
when it's safe to tuck tail
and go running behind
my work and my bottle
they'll suit me just fine
Track Name: Church
it's not what you ask of me
it's what i want to do
and there're some strong opinions here
that could suffocate a room
I'm at the store looking for the perfect tool
I can use to reassemble the best parts of you
don't ever forget it
standard and metric
you think you know what you're doing but you look like a fool

I can thank California for its wine
like a paintbrush soaking in some turpentine
let's do the two-step in a roadside bar
then pretend that we're sixteen in the back of a car
poetic decisions in the soap opera haze
never got me into trouble in my college days

church lights
why did we ever fight?
and why did something that seemed so broken
turn out right?

I was downtown kicking up the street
in a heroin necktie that couldn't be beat
fucking politicians is all I said
as I built a career out of becoming dead
saw you spinning at a North Side gym
oh my god, is she really going out with him
Bonnie and Clyde
what's the next line
we named our kids after a No Smoking sign
Track Name: What Else?
what else could have happened but death?
bet that you haven't thought
of something worse than that yet
it took me a minute to see
the way the grass and the leaves
were all bobbin' their heads

I know I rob and I steal, but relax
cause the show will make up
for what I couldn't hold back
It's so beautiful here by the edge
why you wanna go home?
I'm just getting my bearings:
the way that the atoms are stuffed
in the skin that they're wearing
you know I'm hooked
and I can't stop staring

I came into your world like a child
throwing out an old toy
looking out for a new one
why can't you get back in the car?
God, I know where we are
I ain't asking directions
but baby if you show me the door
you know I never unpacked
the best answer
is to keep em guessing

see, the thing that's gonna tear us apart
takes the shape of a heart
it's the devil pretending
and all the other games that I played,
well their memory just fades
as I write down this ending: