What Else?

from by Worst Feelings

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what else could have happened but death?
bet that you haven't thought
of something worse than that yet
it took me a minute to see
the way the grass and the leaves
were all bobbin' their heads

I know I rob and I steal, but relax
cause the show will make up
for what I couldn't hold back
It's so beautiful here by the edge
why you wanna go home?
I'm just getting my bearings:
the way that the atoms are stuffed
in the skin that they're wearing
you know I'm hooked
and I can't stop staring

I came into your world like a child
throwing out an old toy
looking out for a new one
why can't you get back in the car?
God, I know where we are
I ain't asking directions
but baby if you show me the door
you know I never unpacked
the best answer
is to keep em guessing

see, the thing that's gonna tear us apart
takes the shape of a heart
it's the devil pretending
and all the other games that I played,
well their memory just fades
as I write down this ending:


from Worst Feelings, released March 20, 2013


tags: country USA


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Worst Feelings

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